Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation
Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation
Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting
September 16, 2009





Attending:Greg Huth, Lynea Derwis, T.J. Lewarchick, Robyn Sandys
Ed Pryll had an excused absence

1. Treasurer’s Report - T.J. provided his report and we discussed instituting once again a doubtful accounts line item for losses which may not be captured through our process of gaining the receivables that are 90 or more days overdue. We agreed on $1,000.

2. 2. Lynea discussed the potential board members that she has talked with and Robyn shared who she has talked with. There are a few that may be interested. We will need to finalize all within the next week.

3. 3. Robyn provided an update on the Tampa house. We are waiting for final paperwork from the CASH program and Dollar Bank. The contractor has signed all of the paperwork regarding their agreement with CASH. Hopefully we will start in early October.

4. Robyn provided a wrap up of the Home and Bicycle Tour. That will be distributed at the Board meeting.

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Robyn Sandys

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